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The UK's toy industry is always open for business

As the world starts to spring back to life, it's great to see toy shops all around us start to re-open their doors! So what positive changes have emerged after the Coronavirus outbreak? How has business changed for the better since the UK started to get top of the outbreak? Have any lessons been learnt?

So the biggest eye-opener for most companies has been how quickly the retail landscape can change! Only a matter of months ago toy shops were eagerly awaiting the Easter shoppers, then without much warning everyone was told to shut the doors. While its taken the public time to readjust, business owners everywhere have had to think on their feet quickly and respond to the constant changes that effected everyone during the outbreak.

A bold and clear online presence has never been so important as it is in this socially limited climate. Online sales remain critical to the heartbeat of many businesses and has definitely had a big boost over the isolation period. Has this been felt throughout the toy industry or just for the items that are are labeled as 'essential'?

Well, puzzles and games have defiantly shown a large increase in sales and as parents everywhere have had to adapt to the rigours of home schooling, stationery and learning aids have also been very popular. Arts and crafts materials have also enjoyed a surge of orders.

As companies have learnt to increase their online shopping experience, this has also impacted on their delivery services. Longer waiting times have become more acceptable and non contact deliveries have become the norm. On the plus side, at least everyone has been home to receive their new purchases!

From a positive perspective, having personally worked remotely for most of my career, it has been great seeing companies everywhere embracing this ethos and in turn giving much more freedom and flexibility to their employees. Many feel the traditional working landscape has now changed forever with virtual meetings having never been so popular! Hopefully this situation will continue to be embraced over the coming years, having a positive impact on not only the environment but our children and their lives as they start to enter the work place.

If the recent outbreak has anything to teach us its that we can never take even the basic things in our life for granted. The in-store shopping experience could really reignite the UK's high streets as everyone emerges from their hibernation. Now the restrictions are starting to lift, most shops can expect an increase in footfall and retailers will need to adapt their marketing plans again to make the most of this in which remains a difficult trading period for many companies. I am sure everyone will rise to the challenge and continue to create fun and interactive shopping experiences for their customers.

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