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The Iconic Argos Catalogue

As another Argos deadline zooms past, I consider how the iconic brand has influenced the retail landscape of today.

For the toy world the Argos catalogue has always been a mainstream staple. With over 18,000 products, the Argos catalogue is the essential book of value. Argos publishes catalogues twice a year, one for spring/summer in January and an autumn/winter edition in July. Shop copies are ring-bound and the pages individually laminated.

Many other catalogues have tried to replicate the success of the Argos catalogue such as Woolworths and Tesco but Argos remains solid in a very competitive arena. Kids throughout the land have always looked for birthday and Christmas inspiration through it's pages. Circling and listing the catalogue numbers to give to parents and Grandparents has been a childhood tradition that most of us remember fondly. However I wonder if this tradition has its place in the 21st century?

"Have todays children lost the excitement of receiving the latest Argos book to spend hours pondering each product and its latest features? Has the appeal of all the latest products presented clearly in one place become lost in the digital age?"

I really think the famous Argos catalogue will always have a place in British consumer society, even if it's slightly more watered down and smaller to hold. Future generations will still love its appeal as it brings generations together over one large book of excitement. As the latest crazies come and go and it becomes rarer for kids to actually handle paper products, Argos gives its customers the chance to engage in a cross generation experience that no screen can replicate. Although many older customers are embracing modern technology much more than ever before, its never been easier to grab the latest catalogue to check the product features for the number the child in their life has given them. May the iconic catalogue experience live on for many generations to come!

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